Firehouse Primary Announced

Primary election: February 26th

Call 804-482-1059 to learn about the election (English & Español)

It's On

We elected Jennifer McClellan as our new congresswoman for the 4th Congressional District. However, that means her seat is now open in the State Senate. A special election has been called to fill her seat to complete the governor’s veto session in April. That means Democrats will need to nominate a candidate for the special election. 

Alexsis needs your help to secure the Democratic nomination and become the next State Senator from Richmond!

Yes, we’re going to have another firehouse primary. Buckle up because this election will be held THIS weekend on Sunday, February 26.

When and where is the election?

When: Sunday, February 26 from 9 am - 6 pm. 


Ashland Municipal Building - 121 Thompson St, Ashland, VA 23005

Charles City County Administration Building - 10900 Courthouse Rd, Charles City, VA 23030

East Henrico Government Center - 3820 Nine Mile Rd, Richmond, VA 23223

Virginia Union University Living and Learning Center - 1500 N Lombardy St, Richmond, VA 23220

Who is eligible to vote?

If you live in Senate District 9 and Jenn McClellan is your senator, then we need your vote. Use this tool to find your legislator.

How to support Alexsis

If you like Alexsis Rodgers, we need you to volunteer, donate and vote! It’s that simple.

Volunteer - Help us Get Out the Vote by signing up for a shift on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Sign up for a shift TODAY!

Donate - Running an election in a short timeframe takes significant resources. Chip in $5 or $25 to help Alexsis continue Jennifer McClellan’s legacy!

Make a plan to vote - If you live in Senate District 9 and Jenn McClellan is your senator, then we need you to vote on Sunday. Follow Alexsis on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates!